“I am now doing well and will watch my grandchildren grow”

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Dear donor family,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the liver transplant I received. I was very ill and the donated liver saved my life. I am a 67 year old wife, mother and grandmother. I am now doing well and will watch my grandchildren grow. My entire family is grateful for this gift. Although my heart is filled with gratitude, words cannot fully express how I feel.

I once again wish to express my gratitude. I have began working in my small garden once again and am able to resume the activities I was unable to enjoy prior to my transplant. Even though this letter is short, it does not diminish the gratitude I feel. I again thank you with all my heart.

“Because of you, I can be there for my family”

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Dear Donor Family,

On the date of my transplant my second life began as I was given the gift of life by your families loss. My new liver has changed my life. Your family has saved my life and because of you, I can be there for my family. Your love and compassion for the human life has provided me with a new, healthy liver that I am honoring each day of my life by taking care of my body and honoring your son with every breath I take. Because of your amazing generosity of donor life, I am alive today with my family. I cannot imagine the pain of your loss, but I wanted you to know that your son’s gift to my family will always be nurtured, treasured and adored forever. The gift you have given me for a second life has literally altered my … Read more »

Catch the Donate Life America Float at the 2015 Rose Parade

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Donate Life America’s 12th Rose Parade float will be one of the 41 floats at the Pasadena event on New Year’s Day. The float both promotes organ, eye and tissue donation awareness and honors the generosity of living and deceased donors. The 2015 float is coordinated by OneLegacy, the organ procurement organization that serves the Los Angeles metropolitan … Read more »

TNet system now open to UCSF Liver, Kidney, and Pancreas program patients and CA Transplant Donor Network donor families

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TransplantNet (TNet) is ready for launch! Patients from the UCSF kidney and liver transplant programs can now use TNet to send letters electronically to the families of their donors. Donor families who have worked with the California Transplant Donor Network may also use our system to send electronic letters to the recipients of their loved ones’ donations. Instructions can be … Read more »

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