Sample Letter

Below is a template you may use to help you write your letter to your loved one’s transplant recipient. Simply follow and replace the instructions in parentheses to craft your own meaningful letter.

Dear Recipient,

I am writing to share information with you about my (add family member here, ex. son, daughter, brother), your organ donor. (His/Her) name was (add first name of family member here) and (he/she) loved (add loved one’s interests and hobbies here). (He/she) also (add more information about your loved one here).

Our family made the decision to donate because (add reason for donation here). We feel comforted by the fact that our loved one was able to help people in need—that our family’s tragedy could result in a miracle for another family.

We wish you the best and hope you are happy and healthy.

(Enter your first name OR “Your Donor Family”)