Contact Your Loved One’s Recipient via Postal Mail

If you decide to send your letter by regular mail, follow the instructions below. If you would like to send your letter by using our online system, click here for instructions. (Not sure which method to use? Click here for information.)

1. Write Your Letter

You may write your letter on a card or piece of paper. You could also type your letter on a computer and print it out. Additionally, you may want to include a photo or piece of artwork.

2. Mail Your Letter

Write down your full name, your loved one’s full name, the date of your loved one’s donation, and which recipient(s) is to receive the letter (e.g. “Intended for pancreas recipient”), on a separate piece of paper and mail with your letter or card to your OPO.

3. Allow Time

The forwarding process (described here) may take several weeks after you have mailed your letter. However, you may want to contact your OPO to check in if you do not hear anything after a long time. And remember, if the intended recipient does receive your letter, he or she may not feel ready to respond immediately.