Deciding to Write

Sometimes, recipients of organ transplants write to the families of the donors who saved their lives to express their gratitude. Many donor families find comfort during a time of tragedy and grief in the letters from the recipients of their loved one’s gift of life. Through them, they are able to see their loved one’s lasting legacy.

There is never an obligation to write a letter. The decision to communicate with your donor family is very personal, and one that you may pursue at your own pace. Likewise, the choice for donor families to accept correspondence from the transplant recipients is also very personal. Everyone grieves differently, and so it is possible that your donor family may not be ready currently to read letters from the transplant recipients. Some donor families may never feel ready. Letters from recipients will never be sent directly to the donor families without their consent.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that you will hear back from your donor family. Although writing to the transplant recipient is helpful during the grieving process for some families, for others, it can be a painful reminder of tragedy. We ask that you respect their decision.