“My family had been somewhat divided but this life changing event has brought us closer”

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Hello Dear Family member,

My name is J., a 52 year old Mother of 5 adult children and 5 grand children. Since the day I went home from my liver transplant the desire and need to write to my donors family has been on my mind. What do I say? What words do I use?

There is no comparison to what your family gave me. So I first need you to know that I believe God or something greater than us both orchestrated. I had died twice on the operating table. I was bleeding out. Nurses and doctors could not find out where I was bleeding. I had no idea what happened. I do remember being admitted to the hospital. I used the bathroom in my room. Noticed a dark purple color come out. The nurses lied me down in my bed. They said we are going to give you an IV and sedate you to keep you comfortable. Thats all I remember.

I woke up 4 days later on Christmas day. Woke up to my son and grandson looking at me with sadness/fear. Then my parents came in with my brother. I still had no idea I had a liver transplant. My brother smiling and laughing as he kissed my forehead. I have a story for you Jo. It was difficult to talk being that they just removed tubes from my throat. Then my sister came in and this sister is the one that shows her emotion out loud. She came in whispered in my ear its over. You have a new liver. You are alive.

I still was in shock that I had a new liver. I asked where was I. No one told me anything until later that day. The amazing doctors came in asking what do you remember? I said nothing only using the bathroom. And nurses preparing my IV. Doctors explained everything to me. And they ended with “Josephine you are a miracle on Christmas Eve.” After I realized that is when all I could think about is my donor and family. Because it means loss before gain. My prayers go out for my donor’s family. And at the same time I thank you for believing in donation saving lives.

I thank you. I feel different. I have different goals. I want to help more. I want to be a giver than a receiver. I am able now to volunteer at my church, one of the things that bothered me. I always loved to volunteer, but as sick as I was made it difficult to make promises. My family had been somewhat divided but with this life changing event has brought us closer.

I am still healing and have a full-time care giver. But I wake up every morning thanking God for another day. I am raising my 5 year old grandson. My daughter an is incapable parent. I’ve been his mother 5 years. I know your family had a big part in saving my life. I was able to tell him Grandma is no longer going to live at hospital. She’s coming home and she’s going to recovery at home. He was so happy. When he went to preschool he made the announcement that my grandma is home and she is OK. The teachers noticed a positive change in him. Happier, brighter. I thought I would share this – how it had a domino effect. Changed so many hearts. I thank you. God Bless you. My children will be writing you also as time goes by. My writing is choppy only because its hard to sit up for long periods. But I will probably write later on the year. And write what I may have forgotten or write with more flow.

God Bless You. with all my heart and prayers to you and family.