“Saying “Thank-you” falls way short in expressing the sentiments of how I feel about the gift you gave me”

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Dear Donor Family,

I am having difficulty finding the correct words to thank you for the gift of life that I received. Words fall continually short in being able to express my gratitude adequately. Your ability to make the decision to donate a loved ones organs is the most unselfish act that I can imagine. Due to your act of courage during a time of great tragedy, I have been able to be the recipient of a life change kidney transplant. I am forever grateful for the gift of life that I and my family has received.

I needed another transplant as the kidney I was so lucky to have received many years ago failed just a year ago and I was back on dialysis for approximately 1 year. I was trying hard to make dialysis work for me and my family, and was grateful I even had that as an option- but dialysis falls way short in returning one back to “normal” life. I was in disbelief when I received the call that I was going to be a recipient again and overjoyed with the possibilities that lay ahead for me.

I also knew that while my family was rejoicing, another family was surely grieving, and most likely continues to grieve. I cannot thank you enough for being able to think of others during such a painful time.

I plan to use my return of good health and this new gift of life to help me feel grateful every day for the gifts I have received. I can now travel with my family, re-join my tennis team, work hard in my garden, return to being a nurse and just be a full participant in life.

Saying “Thank-you” falls way short in expressing the sentiments of how I feel about the gift you gave me and others. I hope you know that I will do everything in my power to be worthy of such a gift. I will take care of myself and my community all while knowing this is only possible because of you.


A grateful kidney recipient