Part 2/2: “Our own son will grow up celebrating your son’s life and knowing that your decision saved his father’s life.”

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Dear Donor Family,

This letter seems almost impossible to write because the words “thank you” just aren’t powerful enough. So first, THANK YOU. I hope that this letter can convey our gratitude, appreciation and sympathy to you and your family.

My husband received your son’s liver. The moment we heard, our lives changed forever.

While I was so hopeful after so many years of waiting and caring for my husband and watching his health decline, I was completely devastated to learn about your son. You see, my husband and I are new parents to our 15-month-old son, Knox. Please know that in addition to our gratitude to your family, we also grieved your son.

As a parent, I cannot imagine what you have been through. In addition to our family and friends praying and thinking about my family, they were also praying for yours.

More importantly, we’d like you to know that every good moment we have, we celebrate your son. Our own son will grow up knowing and celebrating your son’s life and he will grow up knowing that your decision saved his father’s life.

You have given us an incredible gift of time, of life and of happiness. I will always live my life remembering the gift you gave me. My husband’s transformation back into a healthy man has been astounding. And we are excited to share that we are now trying to expand our family – all possible because of your son and what I can only imagine, was one of the most difficult decisions of your lives.

The gift you have given me, my family, our friends and our extended families will forever be remembered, cherished and celebrated. We hope through retelling this story, we will serve as a reminder of the miracles in life.

We would be honored to learn more about you and your son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my family. We think about you every day and hope this letter can offer some comfort and happiness.

Love, K.

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