“You and your loved one made it possible for my father to be around to see his family flourish for years and years to come”

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Dear Donor Family,

My name is S., I am writing to thank you for the organ donation from your loved one. My father received a new liver and new chance at life because your loved one was selfless and kind. I am very sorry for your loss; I cannot imagine your pain, but I want you to know that this gift has given my dad a new chance to live a long and normal life.

My father needed a transplant because his liver was no longer functioning. For many years, my family has endured great sacrifices in trying to keep my dad healthy. Last year, during the holidays, my father was confused, completely bedridden and unable to walk due to Hepatic Encephalopathy. He was in a nursing home for a month, and we spent Christmas together in the ICU at UCSF. Seeing him so helpless and in pain was hard and we were deeply worried this may be our last Christmas together unless he received a transplant. This time was very challenging for our family, but we kept the faith that a transplant would come before it was too late.

Since the transplant, my father has been getting better slowly. I know that his quality of life will get better and better and we are all grateful that he can recover enough to live alone again in the future. He really misses that part, as he has had to live with my sister since Jan of 2017 for his needed care. He also looks forward to eventually going to watch baseball and football games once again and even getting a big dog again that he can take for walks. I would like to take my Dad on a nice vacation once he is well enough.

You and your loved one made it possible for my father to be around to see his family flourish for years and years to come. My sister and I lost our mother in April 2016, somewhat abruptly; due to kidney failure. I feel blessed knowing that my father will be around to see my sister and I do amazing things, to see his only grandson continue to grow and be a grandfather to even more grandkids one day.

For this gift, my dad, my sister and I, are all eternally grateful to you and your loved one. My family and I will always appreciate this act of kindness and generosity. I personally will cherish this blessing for the rest of my life; you gave me more time with my dad, who is my best friend and I could not ask for a better gift. Thank you eternally from the bottom of my heart.

My Dad is not computer savvy, so I wanted to reach out to you on his behalf. I pray this letter will comfort you knowing that your loved one is a true hero. Words cannot fully express our level of gratitude, but thank you; we are forever grateful.

Kindest regards,

S., S., and M.