“Dialysis is an unnatural (painful) thing and being off that machine is worth its weight in gold.”

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It’s been 6 months since I’ve received the kidney you donated, and I went rounds with myself as to weather I should contact you or not..while I know you did not donate for me personally, I just wanted you to know…I am grateful.

Everything is working better than even the doctors predicted. I don’t know much about you but, the doctors have told me I’m almost twice your size, and they worried it wouldn’t be able to keep up with the volume blood in a person my size. But, I’m 6 months in, no signs of rejection, and my numbers have all improved. Your (my) kidney is working like a CHAMP!

Dialysis is an unnatural (painful) thing and being off that machine is worth its weight in gold, as I’m sure you know, having someone you care about go through the same situation. I work at a Farm Equipment Rental company working on tractors during the day and did my dialysis treatment 3 nights a week for 4 hours a session after work…not fun.

My life is slowly getting back to normal and that’s all thanks to your sacrifice and the sacrifice of my younger sister (who donated on my behalf) to put me on the Donor Exchange program and shortened the wait time and gave me back my life.

That being said, I also watched my sisters struggle with donating. My sister is an athlete, an avid traveler and my closest friend and this was a BIG decision. Her fear was that she may not be able to return to her life the way it was. Against all her fears and apprehensions, she donated to a complete stranger (like you and I) to make my life better. 6 months out she’s back to traveling, slowly getting back to the sports she loves and still my closest friend.

I just wanted you to know your gift was appreciated and I hope all is well with you and yours.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart (..or kidney as it were)